Thursday, May 04, 2006


George Lucas is finally putting out the original theatrical version of the star wars trilogy on DVD.
Many people like me are very happy! Lucas is a tweaker, so finally we get to see what we saw the first time, no tweaking!

I want to know which do you prefer. The original or the tweaked version. Tell me why!


Velcro said...

I think it'd be cool if Lucas could fuzz up the lens on the new ones to make them look like he shot them back in the 70's.

Katie said...

I don't like the old ones. I think they are boring. They would never make it today as a new movie.

Emily said...

I prefer originals of any movie, not just Star Wars. Deleted scenes are usually deleted for a reason.

Velcro said...

Katie ~

The originals are originals for a reason. They were the foundation for the entire series. I always get a little eerie of new movie sequels to the old ones (i.e. Superman)

Velcro said...

That last post sounded a bit harsh. My apologies... no hard feelings... it's all good in da' hood (you catch my drift).