Tuesday, April 25, 2006

THE MP3 CD Player In My Car and Why It Rocks!

Ok, so you know I got a new car. We'll I am finding out just how awesome my car really is. The CD player in my car is also an MP3 player. You might ask, so? We'll let me tell you so. An MP3 player is just about like having an ipod inside of your car. Here is the low down...

1. Unlike normal Audio CD's instead of maybe 13 to 20 songs on a disk, you can put over 150 on a CD and not lose ANY quality. The difference is that instead of an audio CD it is made into a DATA CD. Since MP3s are WAY smaller in size than any other audio file it allows for more songs, like 140 more songs. Thus it's like an Ipod for your car.

2. My MP3 player in my car actually tells you the songs your are listening to. Not track 1, but it would say Jesus Walks. On normal Cd's it wouldn't do that, it would just say track 1.

3. Folders, or as I call them albums. When you make an MP3 CD using the data format you can organize your music into albums. Take for instance I am combining all of my Sarah McLachlan Cd's into one. With the MP3 cd, you can actually put the music into seperate folders (albums).
So, each album is individual on the disk, (Solace) (Sarah Mclachlan) (Mirror Ball) (After Glow) etc.. Here is were my car player rocks, It has Folder buttons that let me go from Folder (Album) to Folder (Album) and it has all the songs in that Album under it to listen to. IT ROCKS!

So, having an MP3 player in your car is about the coolest thing ever. It's like having a 14 disc cd changer in your car with out all the CDs. Just thought I'd let everyone know.