Monday, April 03, 2006


Katie and I went and saw Phantom of the Opera last night. It was fantastic! AMAZING! I WAS BLOWN AWAY! From the Time the chandelier (Are you looking for a chandelier? How about this one, or that one, or this one, or that one.) went up to the Phantoms amazing exit from his chair it was AMAZING! I LOVED IT! The Phantom was unbelievable. If you have the chance or the time see this fabulous production.

Stephen's Rating ***** (Five spider thingys)

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Wezie said...

Molly was singing "Think of Me" just the other day!

Maggie said...

i am super jealous

Trey's Sister said...

We have season tickets too! But ours are the first week. I'll be watching to see what your opinions are! Madison is going to see Little Women with us (shhh....its a secret!!)


Stacey said...

Of course I had a hard time not singing the "Fiery Fiery Furnace" from Danial VBS.

Velcro said...

Hey, what happened to what you posted yesterday?