Friday, March 24, 2006


I bought Katie seasons tickets to the 2006 Dallas Summer Musicals. I had never been to a musical until I met Katie. My first one was the Lion King at the Dallas Summer Musicals. Then on our honeymoon we went to New York and we saw Chicago and Les Mis. It was an awesome experience. I love the musical experience. This season at the Dallas Summer Musical is going to be the best yet. Especially with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I CAN NOT WAIT! We are seeing our first show April 2nd, Phantom of the Opera. So let the season begin, I am ready to be entertained and blown away!

Here is the line up for the season, don't miss it!


Mrs. Richardson said...

I was visiting my sister in law Jen Gambill when I heard about Phantom. Can you post the site so that I can buy tickets? Thank you!!!

Stuben said...

Jennifer Meachem said...

mama mia is a great one, too! i saw it at bass hall.