Wednesday, April 04, 2007

5 months, what?

Ok, so we are already half way through! Ummm, one question where did the last 5 months go. I noticed I hadn't posted since December, and now its APRIL!!! I could be wrong but maybe I am just trying to let these days slip by so that August will get here sooner. I am still in shock that I am going to be a dad, but even more so that I will have a son. My thought's are on him constantly. I think about him probably every minute of every day. I know that most people in my family wanted a girl, but I really wanted a son. I see how much fun Marcus, Issaac, and Weaver are and I just thought man wouldn't that be great and it's going to be! I feel like God has really gave Katie and I something so amazing and so wonderful that there are times in prayer I find it hard to express my thanks. I mean it's nowhere close to giving us his son, but it is the most powerful gift I have recieved other than that and Katie bar none. I am just so pumped about this whole experience good or bad, happy or sad. I am ready to be a father, what ever kind of father that may be. I told God when I prayed for a child that if he would give us that gift than I would devote my child's life to him. I plan to do that. What's cool is that I know God will help him make a better Christian out of me. I bet he teaches me more about God than I could ever teach him. Anyways, I am just so excited and ready for this major transition. God is AWESOME!!!!!!!