Friday, April 13, 2007


Ok, so a while back Katie and I had started this Tetris challenge. Well actually it was more about me trying to see if I could become a better Tetris player than Katie. Years have proved that she was much better than me. So I saw that on our DS Tetris she had scored 350,000 points and had actually beat Tetris. So I deceided to beat her. On my first couple of attempts I was able to beat the game but I couldn't beat her score. So I decided to turn on ENDLESS Tetris and see if I could do it that way. I DID! First time out. 750,500 points, I was declared the new CHAmP! I mean for me it was a great victory. So I took advantage of the days that I had as Champ because I knew well Katie would soon beat it. and.... boy did she ever she got 1,105,000 points. I was defeated. A MILLION POINTS!!! NO WAY!!!! I gave up trying to beat it. I tried like 30 times and no results. Until 3 days ago when this happened!!!!


Katie said...

It's a good thing you took a picture of your score cause it's not going to last!

Josh said...