Thursday, April 05, 2007

Exclusive Stephen's Blog ONLY Maisy Pics!!!! (unless you copy and put them on your own; criminal!)

Maisy at Frontier City with her Mom and Dad
Maisy's Veggie-Tale Overalls, made by KK
Maisy and friends
Guess where Maisy is, hint: Watch out for flying rolls
Maisy in line with her friends
Maisy in line with her friends part 2
Maisy and her Oriental Pal
Maisy trying to figure out who the heck Yakov is!
Maisy just being too cute, like always!


Emily said...

YAY!! I can never get enough Maisy pics!

Josh said...

These were great. Thanks for sharing them! Hey, what happened to THE VAULT button?

Ashley N said...

Cute pictures!

Oh, and I love the baby reveal video!