Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 11 UNDER 220!

Biked 22min, 5.3 miles kept revolutions above 85 revolutions.

Weight Training

Abs - 6X10 at 60lbs.
Low Row - 6X10 at 70lbs.
Abdutor - 4X10 at 60lbs.
Rotary Calf - 4X10 at 60lbs.
Leg Curl - 4X10 at 60lbs.

I am officially under 220! YEAH! I had not seen a change in my weight until I weighed today and I am at 219! I am so pumped! I feel like I am really starting to see progress in the way I look and in my weight. I am rollin!


Velcro said...

Congrats on the accomplishments!