Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 13 Back from a day of cleaning.

Biked 24 min, 5.6 miles the revolutions varied from 80 to 95 but I was not as consitent as I would like to have been.

Weight Training:

Abs - 4X15 at 60ls.
Chest Pull - 4 X10 at 60lbs.
Chest Incline - 2X10 at 60lbs.
Pecks - 2X10 at 60 lbs.
Arm Pull - 2X10 at 70lbs.
Low Row - 4 X10 at 70lbs.

Yesterday I took off to clean our house for Katie, and by clean I mean laundry, dishes, vacuming, mowing, and cleaning. It took me all day, but KK was putting in a hard day for us at school and I wanted to surprise her. Today was hard and it was the first time I didn't complete all of my reps in my weight training. I am still at 219 so that is good. I still haven't been eating lie I should, but hey I am losing weight and gaining muscle, I am not complaining! YAHOO!