Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 7 - The Day After Yesterday

Biked 25min - 6 miles; kept the rotation for the most part over 85. After a day of rest, I found it harder to stay above 85 revolutions the entire length of the ride.

Weight Training:

Rotary Calf - 4X10 at 50lbs.
Abductor - 4X10 at 50lbs.
Soleus - 4X10 at 50lbs.
Leg Press - 2X10 at 140lbs.
Abs - 10X10 at 50lbs.
Chest - 5X10 at 50lbs.
Pecks - 5X10 at 50lbs.
Arm Row - 5X10 at 50lbs.
Arm Curl - 5X10 at 50lbs.

Okay, so I took yesterday off. What that meant was I knew the bike was going to be a bit harder and I knew I had to do both upper and lower weight training since I missed lower yesterday. But, I did it! I worked through my 25 min bike ride! WOOHOO 25 min! I am at level 4, I will start level 5 in another week, I can't wait! My arms are really taking to the weights, there are parts that hurt worse than others, but I am starting to really feel the progression! Great Day!


Velcro said...

Keep up the good work, you stud muffin you! See ya, Sunday!

Velcro said...

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