Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 12 Eating and Exercise

Biked 23 min, 5.5 miles, kept revolutions above 85 for the most part.

Weight Training:

Abs - 6X10 at 60lbs.
Triceps - 4X10 at 60lbs.
Low Row - 4X10 at 70lbs.
Biceps - 4X10 at 60lbs.
Pecks - 4X7 at 60lbs.

I am starting today to bring my eaing habits to my exercise habits in hope that I can really speed up my weight loss. I had a good day working out, all though my legs did feel heavy on the bike. I find that any exercise with Chest and Pecks are harder than other areas of weight training. All in all good day at the gym!