Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 4 08/0706 The devil tried and failed!

Day 4

Weight 222

22min bike 5.4 miles.

Weight Training

1. Chest 5 X 10 reps at 40lbs
2. Pecks 5 X10 reps at 40lbs
3. Triceps 5 X10 reps at 40lbs
4. Deltiods 5X10 reps at 40lbs
5. Shoulders 2X10 reps at 40lbs
6. ABs 6X10 reps at 40lbs

The devil tried to keep me from working out and failed! So I get up at 6:45 to go workout, I get in my car and arrive at 7am. I go to my bike after stretching and begin to put in my information. Just as I was about to start my ride, I get this call over the loud speaker to go to the front desk. It was Katie. Apparently we had lost electricity to our house. It just so happens that only OUR side of the street lost power. UMM WHAT! We'll Katie's car was still in the garage, no power, no car. So I had to drive back home and let Katie have the car. So I sat there in the dark for 10 min, just pondering what the devil was throwing at me. I decided that I would for the time being water my front and side yard. So I continued to do that until about 9am when the electricity came back on. I then jumped back in my car and worked out. I could have let this defeat me and stay home, but I didn't I stuck to my guns and completed my workout for the day. I know I will have MANY obstacles in my path throughout this journey, but small victories with God's help will keep me motivated and moving forward and not backwards. I love small victories!


Lindsey said...

Umm...there's also this little thing called the phone. You can try that. If blogspot had a way to make your blog private, then I would stick with it all the way. I've just been creeped out too many times. At least I didn't take a picture map to my apartment for the stalkers to find me there. Is it really THAT hard for you to replace my blog link with my myspace link and then just look at my blog on there???? I don't think so.

Velcro said...


Just joking about the "Wuss" comment yesterday. I myself am on a diet/workout regimen, but I'm starting a lot slower than you are. What's your goal weight? Mine is 185lbs and I'm 30lbs away right now.