Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 9 I Love Working Out

Biked 25min, 6 miles, kept the revolutions over 85 and mostly over 88.

Weight Training: Lower Body

Rotary Calf - 4X10 at 60lbs.
Abductor - 4X10 at 60lbs.
Soleus - 4X10 at 60lbs.
Leg Press - 4X10 at 120lbs.
Abs - 5X10 at 60lbs.

I am finding out, that I am becoming addicted to the GYM! What a great thing to become addicted to! I found that when I was sick, I was miserable because all I though was, man I want to workout. Now that I am back, I am so full of energy and life! I love the GYM! I am so glad I forced myself to return. I was right that the only way to really become invested in working out is to do it everyday. I am seeing a difference in only 9 days, think about in like 90 days of actually working out! It just gets me so excited!


Velcro said...

I'm glad you're feeling better... What about the sympathy weight you'll have to gain when Katie gets pregnant?

Velcro said...

Battle of the Bands has moved. Click HERE to vote for either The Fray or Roses Are Red! I'll check the results next Friday and declare the winner.