Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day 5 Wade and Working out

Biked 23 min 5.5 miles - kept the bike over 85 revolutions per minute the entire length of the ride.

Weight Training:

Rotary Calf - 4X10 at 50lbs.
Abductor - 4X10 at 50lbs.
Soleus - 4X10 at 50lbs.
Leg Press - 4X10 at 100lbs.

Today was a little hard, I had to be at Wades surgery at 7:30. Although it turned out it really wasn't until 9:00. So I was a little frustrated that I didn't get to workout in the early morning, but Wade and Patty are very important. So I wanted to make sure I was there. So at 11:45 Wade was finished and everything went well, better than expected. So I left after hearing all went well and made it to the gym and was able to complete my workout, take a shower, the first time in a LONG time at the gym, get ready and make it home to have a light lunch. 5 days down and I am felling stronger, but I am hurting a bit from the weight training on my upper body from yesterday, especially right under my arms and my chest. Great day, Wade is ok and I accomplished today's fitness training.