Friday, August 25, 2006

Ryan Got It and now the rest of the story...

Ok, I was on Ebay and I was just looking around so I decided to see what Cowboy tickets were doing. We'll the first 2 I bought I got for 9.38 plus 9 for shipping. Then I noticed another pair ending in 1 min at .99 cents and I bid and WON! That's right 2 for a dollar! All four tickets are worth over 150.00 dollars, I paid less than 30. Sometimes Ebay can be the most amazing place to shop ever. I mean where else can you get two cowboy tickets for a buck. I mean come on! AMAZING!


Velcro said...

Are you going to paint your face and chest?

I think this'll be the toughest pre-season game we've had. Is TO for sure going to start?

Have fun!

Joanie said...

I think you got ripped off, personally!